Innovation at STRABAG
Construction greatly influences our environment. This brings with it an enormous responsibility. To live up to this responsibility requires, among other things, progress – and that starts with good ideas. These ideas want to be communicated, so that the desired solutions are implemented or disseminated more effectively and quickly. Especially because the exchange of ideas inspires people and so encourages their further development and evolution. Take a closer look on how our innovation projects are helping to shape the construction of tomorrow.

We have every opportunity to make this world a better place“

What are wrong and what are right goals? Which role does the human factor play in times of rapid technological change? And what does a Change Expert do anyway? Change processes raise many questions. Kai Anderson of Promerit AG gives us a few answers.
Kai Anderson
Change Expert and founding partner of Promerit AG
STRABAG Innovation Day

STRABAG Innovation Day

The STRABAG Innovation Day is an opportunity to connect the many exciting ideas and developments within the group and to promote the exchange between colleagues and co-workers. This event is held every two years at changing locations.
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