Actively Shaping the Future

With our strong teams, we are actively shaping the construction industry of the future – that is why innovative spirit is an essential value for STRABAG.
Thomas Birtel, Vorstandsvorsitzender der STRABAG SE
“In order to remain fit for the future, we have to think ahead – and help shape new developments.“
Thomas Birtel

Making developments for the construction site of today and tomorrow

Shaping the face of construction with good ideas, teamwork and innovation

STRABAG sees itself as a technology partner for the construction of tomorrow. And we want to play a leading role in the process. To do so, we must deal with the big issues of the future: How do we make our ways of working fit for the future? How do we become even more attractive for our customers, for our shareholders? How do we accompany our colleagues through the upcoming transformations that digital-based technologies like robotics will present us with or that climate and resource protection demand of us? How do we continue to recruit the best for the tasks that lie ahead? How do we, as a large international and decentralised organisation, handle our enormous, constantly growing expertise?

In the future, entrepreneurial success will depend more than ever on the ability to recognise trends early on and to develop innovative solutions.

This requires employees who not only want to support this change, but also want to help shape it. And a management that allows new things. Only in this way can we expand our opportunities in our numerous business fields. But one thing won’t change: the future of competition will be shaped by new, digital-based technologies – but people will remain our biggest success factor.

At STRABAG, we see the courage for change, teamwork and innovation every day. You can gain an insight into this courage on this website, as well as in ForeSite, the new, annual STRABAG Innovation Magazine.

Here’s to new discoveries and shaping the future together.


Thomas Birtel

Design & Engineering
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