Julia Dengler developed a mobile workstation together with the team from ZÜBLIN Production Systems Staff Division and a small family business. This workstation was put to work for the first time on a construction site in Stuttgart.

The problem

Julia Dengler’s tasks in the ZÜBLIN Production Systems Staff Division include analysing work on construction sites with the aim of making it more efficient. In her time as a site manager, Dengler observed over and over again how much time site personnel spend looking for and transporting materials. This is precisely where the mobile workplace comes into play: It is used for storage and transport, is easily moved from A to B, even on different floor levels. It makes work easier due to ergonomic advantages, since employees have to bend down less while standing at the table.

The solution

In collaboration with foreman Peter Moser, Julia Dengler concretised the first design.

To create the ideal design, further consultations followed with various construction parties. When the final idea was implemented by the small family business Bender Mechanik GmbH & Co.KG, the idea transformed into the first prototype.

The team proudly presents the prototype

This prototype is now in use on several construction sites in Stuttgart and the surrounding area for sanitary and electrical trades; even subcontractors are already renting it there. According to Dengler, the feedback from colleagues is very positive. Thanks to the mobile workstation, they can now carry a large number of individual parts with them and have a clean, ergonomic and well-sorted workplace. The LEAN idea is thus perfectly implemented, which also shows through the results of a comparative analysis where work with a mobile workstation receives better ratings than without. Julia Dengler says:

‘Once I retire, I want work on construction sites to use efficient tools and equipment only. The mobile workstation is a first small step towards this aim.’

16 %
Increase in added value through the use of the mobile workstation on a construction site
22 %
Reduction of distances with/without material
14 min
Time saving for the assembly of a 12m ceiling pipeline with the mobile workstation
Resulting personnel cost savings per month
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