Searching for the Mango in the Construction Industry

ZÜBLIN is participating in a research project in Denmark on potential applications for blockchain technology in the construction industry. We met with the other project partners at BLOX in Copenhagen for an “open table” to discuss the project.

In 2019, the Danish Industry Fund launched a research project worth around €1 million to develop ideas for the use of blockchain in the construction industry. ZÜBLIN is involved in this research.

The project is divided into these six individual projects:

  • Lifecycle-Tracking
  • Tracking BIM Changes
  • Decision Made by Clients
  • Internet of Things Devices
  • Smart Contracts Defects
  • Logistics/Digital Twin

Interdisciplinary teams with representatives from various companies work on these topics and develop ideas and applications based on Ethereum technology (decentralised open source platform).

ZÜBLIN provides practical know-how and pilot construction sites for testing purposes as part of this project. At the Carlsberg City District construction site, for example, numerous sensors were installed to generate data that can be used to test blockchain applications. In addition, possible areas of application and needs were discussed with site managers and initial ideas were presented.

Here, project partners talk on their experiences:

Mayes Ali
Digital Manager at ZÜBLIN A/S (until 09/20)
Jakob Guldbrandsen
Architect for Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter
Ole Berard
Head of Digitalisation at Molio
Niels W. Falk
Partner and CEO at HD Lab
Design & Engineering
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