Digital Tact Control

The digital tact control relates planned deadlines and work, daily status assessments by the construction management and data from BIM models and thus enables a complete overview of the construction progress. The tool was developed by employees of the ZÜBLIN Subdivisions North and Stuttgart in order to control the work of the individual trades more transparently.
“We follow the construction process in real time through the digital tact control.“
Jonas Trosse
LEAN Officer of the Subdivision North

Accompany Site Manager Lena Spille and Foreman Bernd Muck on their daily site inspection at the “Elbterrassen” residential construction project and observe how they use digital tact control.

Lena Spille and Bernd Muck are conducting their daily site inspection, which takes several hours. They meet painters painting the walls; in other flats, underfloor heating is being installed. Spille and Muck each carry a tablet as they check the progress of work, quality, order and cleanliness during various painting jobs. 

Before entering a residential unit, Lena Spille scans a QR code on the analogue tact control panels. “Thanks to the digital tact control, we know at any time how far along each of the trades  is progressing,“ Spille explains, adding, “At a glance, we can see the construction progress for each individual residential unit, check the performance of the various trades in a targeted manner, and if there are deviations  from the target, take countermeasures and readjust the plan.“ They both enter their findings into their tablet during the site inspection; the information is then available to everyone involved in the construction.

A traffic light system shows the status of the work in the respective trades.

To this end, all trades exchange information every morning at a short status meeting and plan their next work collaboratively on this basis.

Marcel Genth, for example – an employee of a building services supplier – discusses the tasks ahead with Lena Spille and Bernd Muck in brief sentences. He says: “Thanks to digital cycle control, I can plan the deployment of our people down to the
week. We always know how far along the other crafts are and don’t have to tread on each other´s toes.“

A look into the future

“The digitalisation of tact control can only be the first step.”
Daniel Sébille
Group Leader Process Planning & Construction Operation, LEAN Expert ZÜBLIN Subdivision Stuttgart
Berlin, Schoenefeld, Mizartstrasse, Baustelle E. Zueblin, codierte Bauteile werden gescannt
“We have to think in terms of data hubs.“
Daniel Fleischmann
Head of Internal Services for the Business Unit Brandenburg/Sachsen-Anhalt of the ZÜBLIN Subdivision North
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