With the Future Dialogue network, a team at STRABAG Real Estate wants to promote the exchange of knowledge, identify future trends and in this way build a learning organisation and further develop the culture of innovation. We spoke to Simone Walser, Head of Innovation Management at STRABAG Real Estate, about this project.

Future Dialogue network

Simone Walser comes out of the Future Dialogue team conference in high spirits on this Friday morning. In the “Digital Transformation” group, she is exchanging ideas with half a dozen employees from STRABAG locations in Vienna, Frankfurt and Cologne. The motley crew deals with topics such as a software map or a digital signature. Walser developed the Future Dialogue format with the aim of developing a broad-based exchange of knowledge across different hierarchical levels and areas of expertise in order to further develop and maintain the culture of innovation in her division.

We spoke to Simone Walser, Head of Innovation Management
at STRABAG Real Estate, about this project.

“We have launched many small innovation machines”
Simone Walser
Head of Innovation Management at STRABAG Real Estate

Ten Topics

In the Future Dialogue network, more than 140 members dedicate themselves to 10 relevant topics for STRABAG Real Estate’s future business:

  • STRABAG – Zero Emission
  • Markets & Money
  • Digital Transformation
  • District Development
  • Re-Development
  • Office and Commercial
  • Hotel/Student Housing
  • Residential/Co-Living
  • Office Organisation
  • Mobility

These topics are worked on in individual groups of up to 15 people. Each group decides which goals it wants to set and how to achieve them. A total of 35 goals have been defined so far. In addition to digital meetings, each group writes quarterly reports on what tasks have been worked on to document each project’s progress.

Voices from participants

“Through the intensive cooperation, we also see how differently we work, in processes, structures and as individuals. Future Dialogue helps us to learn from each other and move forward together instead of building parallel structures.”

Rudolf Oesterreicher
Innovation Manager at STRABAG Real Estate

“Through Future Dialogue, we realised how significant the human factor is. During the pandemic, we all became more digital and agile. The importance of TEAMS WORK. is now lived even more as a result.”

Elizabeth Cárdenas Pérez
Assistant at STRABAG Real Estate
Design & Engineering
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