Everybody is talking about SPOT. Our four-legged robot dog is not just a dream of the future on YouTube, but already the star on the construction site. As a leading construction technology group, STRABAG already uses the robot dog on selected projects. With SPOT we aim to relieve the people on the construction site and to facilitate complete, digital site documentation.

Digital transformation in the construction industry

However, the use of SPOT on construction sites is not yet standard practice in the sector. Compared to other industries, digitalisation in construction is generally lagging behind. In order to drive the digital transformation forward, the management consultancy Roland Berger has identified four levers on the basis of a management survey among construction players: Digital Data, Digital Access, Networks and Automation. Top management from the construction and building supplies industry sees particularly high potential in automation in connection with production and construction. Automation means creating autonomous, self-organising systems using new technologies. SPOT is such a system and thus a potential innovation driver for STRABAG.

Tapping new potential with SPOT

Using the robot dog primarily offers STRABAG new potential for autonomous construction site documentation. This requires SPOT for example to be able to climb stairs and to master rough construction site terrain. STRABAG already uses SPOT to carry out regular photo documentation in the form of 360° shots on construction sites. In addition, mobile laser scanning is being tested to compare the actual state of the construction site with its digital twin. In the future, further potential for robotic-assisted construction activities can be identified. SPOT could not only be used for recording, but also to perform handling activities or to serve as an autonomous positioning tool for placing coordinates.

“As a leading construction technology group, we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that drive digitalisation in the construction industry. We believe that the application of automation and robotics is groundbreaking for the future. Using SPOT is also resource-saving and precise. In addition to comprehensive and almost gapless data sets, time savings can be achieved in the recording process and new possibilities for the automated analysis of image data can be opened up. We always create transparency when cooperating and working in partnership with all project participants.“

Dr. Marco Xaver Bornschlegl
Subdivision Manager Application Service & Data Science / CISO

The future of robotics at STRABAG

We currently test the use of SPOT intensively on STRABAG construction sites. The aim is to first find out how effectively robot technology can cope with the highly variable conditions on the construction site and to define possible applications for the future. It is clear, however, that robotics already plays an essential role in capturing the digital construction site.

The SPOT robot dog is currently being tested on various construction sites. In the Carlsberg City District, SPOT documents the construction progress in every corner of the huge construction site.
Watch SPOT on the construction site of the stuttgart main stationin this video (German version).
The use of the robot dog primarily offers STRABAG new potential for autonomous construction site documentation: This requires SPOT to climb stairs independently, for example, and also to overcome more impassable construction site terrain (German version).
“Spot is more than just a machine. That is another reason why I am convinced that we will see him regularly on STRABAG construction sites in the future.”
Alexander Caran
BIM 5D Digital manufacturing
Design & Engineering
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